Beauty Works FREE Tape Refresher Online Course

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The Tape Refresher Course is a FREE resource available to Salons & Stylists who have previously trained in Beauty Works Tape Extensions.

We are aware of the pressure that the hair industry is under due to the impact of Covid19 & the restrictions that have been put in place to manage the crisis. we understand how important it is to support our Salons & Stylists during this time. We also know how valuable your time is when the salons do reopen.

Our aim is to provide all of our salons and stylists with the most relevant & up to date information regarding Beauty Works Tape Extensions.  The aim of this course is to ensure that upon reopening, every salon & stylist will have the knowledge & information at hand to confidently provide Tape Extension Services without the worry of possible issues arising which might result in costly re-dos etc. 

Topics which will be covered;

  • Choosing the right Method of Extensions
  • How to protect yourself as the 'middle-man'
  • The Consultation form and why it's so important
  • The Preparation of the natural hair - a step which is often missed
  • The Application process - how Social Media has had an negative impact.
  • Aftercare - a vital part of the Tape Extension service
  • Handling an issue with Tape Extensions - the format of complaints procedure
  •  Troubleshooting - an opportunity to discuss any problems you have encountered & get advice from our Trainer. Questions can also be emailed ahead of the course if stylists prefer not to speak in a group setting or would prefer to keep their questions anonymous.