Beauty Works Nano Online Conversion Course Exclusive Offer

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We are offering an exclusive Nano Conversion Course at a discounted rate just in time for the salons opening up again!  With no braid, no heat and no glue the micro ring method has taken the hair extension industry by storm - and we are giving you the chance to train in this popular method at a discounted price!


Benefits of Nano Bonds

  • Beauty Works Nano Bonds are applied & attached using tiny copper rings that come in various shades to match the root of the hair.
  • Beauty Works Nano Bonds are extremely discrete - significantly smaller than any other micro-ring system. The transparent silicone bond & the tine micro ring which is matched to the root of the hair to give a seamless & discreet blend.
  • Clients can wear their hair up or down without the Nano Bond being visible!
  • The application and removal is gentle on the hair - no heat & no glue or chemicals are used for application causing zero damage to the natural hair.
  • The removal process is quick - on average it is 50% quicker than removal of Pre Bonded method.
  • Removal is gentle on the hair - no chemicals are used causing zero damage to the natural hair.
  • Beauty Works Nano Bond are REUSABLE! Clients can reuse the hair multiple times - as the cost of these appointments does not include the purchase of new hair, it is more affordable for the client. If your client wears extensions regularly the cost of wearing Nano Bond is much less than Pre Bonded. Clients will get 2/3 uses from the Nano Bond hair with the correct aftercare while new Pre Bonded hair is required for each application.
  • With 50g per packet, each strand is 0.8g - which gives a good weight of hair with no pulling.
  • Beauty Works Nano Bonds come in the full range of colours and are available in 18", 20" & 24" lengths.
  • Celebrities love to use Nano Bonds - Molly-Mae Hague is a huge fan of this method!