Qiqi Hair Controller Online Course

Qiqi Hair Controller Online Course

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Learn how to use Qiqi Hair Controller to give your clients control over their hair, ranging from bouncy curls to silky straight. Qiqi Hair Controller is a proprietary technology that penetrates, softens disulfide bonds, and allows long-lasting changes in hair texture.

Course Curriculum:

Qiqi – The Art and Science of Hair Control

  • Introduction to Qiqi
  • Qiqi is hair control 

How to Apply Qiqi ProCtrl

  • Application steps
  • Demo: Hair controller application
  • Demo: How to rinse the hair controller 

Minimal, Moderate, Maximum and Curl Control

  • Finishing guideposts
  • Demo: Moderate Control
  • Demo: Maximum Control
  • Overly Porous or Damaged Hair
  • Demo: Minimal Control 

Curl Control

  • What is Curl Control?
  • Demo: Enhance Curls with Qiqi 

After Applying Hair Controller

  • Colouring after hair controller
  • Qiqi SelfCtrl 

Kick off with Qiqi

  • Open your trade account

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